Monday, March 18, 2013

Playstation 4 Newest Gaming Experience

        Playstation 4 has been officially announced by Sony Incorporated! This new console will raise the new standard for future gaming consoles! This device has features guaranteed to aww its buyers.
        Tired of waiting minutes for your Xbox 360 or ps3 to boot? Well the PS4's jaw-dropping instant start up will make you very happy. Also instant loading and saving is another feature of this innovative platform.
        "You will be able to power down the PS4 mid-game and then switch it on again in seconds and pick up right where you left off. That's the sort of loading power that this memory enables." -TechRadar
       New Playstation accessories will also be released for the console like the PS4 Eye. It is almost exactly the same as Xbox 360 Kinect but potentially "better". The Kinect has a 70 degree window of vision whereas the amazing PS4 Eye has a whopping 85 degree view!!
       These are just some of the many amazing features of the PS4! For more info visit the sources below.

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