Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Trongs! Finger Food Helpers!

          Hate getting french fry grease on your phone when you get a text? Well Trongs are the newest and coolest item to add to your silverware drawer, even though they aren't silver. Trongs are made of polypropylene plastic and are shaped to fit fingers of all shapes and sizes. 
           They are designed to grip, rip, and dip your favorite finger foods! Rip those ribs up and get really mean, but when you take the Trongs of your hands are still clean!
           With these new tools you can even avoid the flu because you don't touch your food! 
Get Trongs today!!!!!!



  1. Those look like they would be very helpful! -Chey

  2. I thought the WakenBacon thing was pretty cool, but these finger thing-a-ma-jigs . . . I'm not so sure! Just kidding. Anyway, you are doing a great job coming up with products that I (and probably most people) have never heard of. --RW