Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wake'N Bacon

       Don't you just love waking up and smelling that bacon mom is making downstairs? Well this is what you might need when you are in college or mom doesn't feel like making bacon... It's the Wake'n Bacon™!
      Set your alarm for the morning and ten minutes before the time you set your bacon, that you put in it, begins to cook. That incredible smell gets you up out of your bed and ready to take on the day, with bacon!
       The halogen bulb on the inside cooks the frozen pork quickly and effectively and the teflon surface makes for easy cleanup! 
       No more getting jumped out of bed by that concert-volume buzzer! Get this handy gadget and have a calm and pork filled morning!
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  1. What a great product! This could definitely make getting up in the morning easier. Where do I place my order? Nice job on your first post.

  2. Awesome product, good pictures too. ~ M.M.